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Set It and Forget It: Automate Your Way to Steady Dividend Income

Good Morning, Income Investors!

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Before the Internet, an investor had to either go to a local library or contact the company directly to research and evaluate an investment and stay updated with its latest financial reports. This could cost them money and take a long time. Moreover, the costs involved in buying and selling shares were significant enough to dissuade active trading.

Now, with the internet and smartphones, obtaining financial reports from companies, accessing research, and buying and selling stocks are just a few clicks away. Moreover, commission-free trading has led to a surge in trading activity, and the time period that investors are holding their stocks has shrunk to months from years.

average holding period

Although the internet and associated enhancements to investing have made it easy for the average investor to access the markets, this has resulted in information overload, leading to panic selling or buying of stocks without proper fundamental analysis. This leads to poorer long-term returns.

Let me ask you a question: Can you step away for a month on a cruise without internet access and really get away from it all? If the answer is no, you are setting yourself up for a stressful retirement that is likely to resemble a full-time job.

My investing strategy is simple, and I don’t have to regularly check my portfolio. I can even go a step further and use the debit card from my brokerage account to make my regular expenses while I'm away. My portfolio holdings will stay intact and capable of supplying my needs. I call this strategy the Income Method. Let us now discuss two picks that are part of my strategy for passive income.

Pick 1: BST - Yield 8.2%

BlackRock Science and Technology Trust (BST) is a CEF (Closed-End Fund) providing diversified exposure to growth tech while delivering large current income to shareholders. BST is diversified across 101 holdings, with almost ~50% of the assets deployed in its top 10 investments.

BST's assets are largely comprised of corporations that present the biggest opportunities in digital transformation: NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA), Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), Meta (META), and Amazon (AMZN).

BST is actively managed and trades in and out of positions to realize capital gains, which it distributes to its shareholders. The CEF has a track record of paying growing distributions to shareholders since its inception in 2014. The CEF pays $0.25/share on a monthly basis, reflecting an 8.2% annualized yield.

Global corporations are going to be investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and other digital transformation capabilities. With BST in your portfolio, you can sit back and collect big income from the massive investments.

Pick 2: UTF - Yield 7.9%

There is a rather unexpected beneficiary of the surging popularity of AI. Data centers powering this paradigm shift are built with power-hungry equipment, including sophisticated cooling systems and solutions. As such, electricity demand is set to soar as more and more corporations adopt AI in their business processes.

Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund (UTF) is an infrastructure-focused CEF with an increased allocation to utilities (electric and gas distribution), representing almost 41% of the assets. UTF’s top holdings are some of the major energy companies in the United States.

UTF pays monthly distributions of $0.1550/share, reflecting a 7.9% annualized yield. Today, the fund is available at a slight discount to par, presenting a good opportunity to be a buyer.


If your portfolio requires frequent involvement, the strategy you are following isn’t the best for a stress-free retirement. The beauty of my Income Method is that it allows me to pursue my passion and spend time with my loved ones without having me focus on my investments all day. This is the kind of retirement I want you to have.

At High Dividend Opportunities, we maintain a portfolio of over 45 securities, comprising C-Corps, midstream MLPs, REITs, CEFs, ETFs, BDCs, preferred stocks, and baby bonds. Our portfolio targets an overall yield of +9% to produce a lifestyle-supporting income stream. Join us today to access our model portfolio and detailed research and insights to set your passive income flowing.


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