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Unlocking The Forgotten History Of Dividends

Good Afternoon Income Investors!

When looking to invest in the market, investors will create many goals for themselves. They want to beat the S&P 500 (SPY) or generate more returns than their favorite famous investor. Perhaps, they copy the style of well-known names like Warren Buffet or Peter Lynch. But no matter how you slice and dice the market, two key aspects are at play:

  • Price movements; and

  • Dividend payments.

Here at High Dividend Opportunities, we focus first on dividend stocks for our retirement portfolio and thus are income investors. We also practice opportunistic value investing, which provides capital appreciation in addition to a +10% in dividend income from inception to date.

Why do we focus on dividends? It is simple. Dividends are extremely powerful. They are the only means of return that are guaranteed as once a dividend hits your brokerage account, that return is locked in. It cannot be retracted by market selling or by management. Future payments can be impacted, but not those that have already been received. As investors, short-term price swings are not our concern. Each dividend receipt boosts our total return and time is on our side.

This is what differentiates traders and investors. Investors have a long-term mindset and they buy and hold for extended periods of times. Whereas, speculators and traders buy now to sell in the near-term after an anticipated price change. Shorts on the other hand focus on falling prices. We are not unfamiliar with shorts and swing traders commenting on our posts about how X security is a bad choice because of a 1-2 month price change, they seem to forget who we are! We invest with a 2-3 year mindset.

A Brief History Lesson


Are you ready to become an income investor?

We can't say it better than our members:

Stop wondering if you will have the income you need in retirement, start growing your income stream now. We are the largest community of income investors and retirees with over 7500 members. Our "Model Portfolio" targets a +8% yield, with the highest and safest dividend stocks, preferred stocks, and bonds. This service is ranked #1 in dividends, income & retirement. If you are looking for high sustainable income, you have come to the right place!



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