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Don't Buy the Price. Buy the Income.

Some in the stock market approach it as middlemen, like the people who might buy a used car and then turn around and try to sell it for more. Hunting for opportunities that are a little mispriced and can be sold for more tomorrow. Trying to predict what might be more trendy tomorrow and eating losses when they predict wrong.

This investment style can work. Some have made millions. Yet, these strategies also come with risks. Many have lost millions as well. Do not underestimate how difficult it is to routinely make winning trades. Doing so requires a sharp mind, a stable temperament, and a lot of time. Make no mistake about it; those who make a living with such trading work at it as hard as anyone works any job.

If you are like most investors, you are not looking for another job. You already have a job, or you have retired after putting in long years and are looking to enjoy retirement.

This is why I created what I call The Income Method. The Income Method does not try to chase stock prices up and down or require you to predict what they will be next week, next quarter, or next year. Instead of looking at the market as a place where you are a middle-man, looking to flip stocks buying low, and selling to someone else, the Income Method looks at the stock market from a consumer's perspective – a consumer shopping for income.

We recently published a free article discussing The Income Method and our approach to investing:


Are you ready to become an income investor?

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